Cast Iron Seared, Baked and Broiled (Sazon Seasoned) flank steak roll

Cast iron seared and baked (Sazon Seasoned) flank steak roll, filled with red and orange bell peppers, red onions, cilantro and jalapeño pepper jack. Side of organic brown rice with homemade sofrito, baked garlic and asparagus cooked in the remaining steak juices.


  1. Thick flank steak (approx. 1.5 2 inch thick)
  2. Sazon Completo seasoning (This stuff is awesome for everything)
  3. 1 Red Bell Pepper
  4. 1 Orange Bell Pepper
  5. 1 Red Onion
  6. Bunch of fresh cilantro
  7. I head garlic
  8. I bunch asparagus
  9. Olive Oil
  10. Boars head jalapeno pepper jack cheese
  11. 1/2 stick non Salted butter (I prefer Irish butter for almost all of my cooking)



  1. Prepare the flank steak
    1. Leave flank steak out of fridge for approx. 30 minutes -1hour to get to room temperature
    2. Butterfly Flank steak
    3. Depending on thickness you may need to pound steak to increase surface area
  1. Prep Veggies
    1. “Sofrito”
      1. Dice 3/4 of each bell pepper
      2. Dice entire red onion
      3. Chop full bunch of cilantro
    2. Combine all veggies into large mixing bowl
      1. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil
      2. Add Sazon to taste
    3. Separate approx. a ¼ cup of the “Sofrito” for the rice
    4.  Asparagus
      1. Cut ends and leave aside
    5. Garlic
      1. Cut bottom of garlic off, the idea is you want to allow the garlic to cook in cast iron pan while you baste the steak in the oven.


  1. Start brown rice (Usually takes about 30 Minutes. Should be ready by the time the steak is done and rested)
    1. 1 Cup rice
    2. 2 ¼ cups of water
    3. ¼ cup of “Sofrito”
    4. 1 Tablespoon of olive oil
  1. Prep steak
    1. Drizzle olive oil onto baking sheet (Shown below)
    2. Lay butterflied steak onto pan
    3. Lightly oil top of steak (Bottom will be oiled from the pan)
    4. Rub in oil thoroughly
    5. Apply Sazon onto both sides (Instructions continued below next image)

  1. Shred jalapeno pepper jack cheese onto steak

  1. Add the rest of the “Sofrito” mix into the steak

  1. Roll it from one side to the other

  1. Use cooking string and tie it up. I try to make the side a bit tighter to keep everything from oozing out


  1. Time to cook it
    1. Set oven to 350 degrees
    2. Place a cast iron skillet on the stove on high
    3. Lightly oil skillet (You should already have a good amount on the steak from rolling it)
    4. Place garlic head into pan
    5. Once pan starts smoking add the rolled flank.
      1. Sear it one all sides. (I usually let it sit on all sides for about a minute each. Approx.  4-5 Minutes total)
    6. Place pan into oven and drop in the butter
      1. Set time for 15 minutes
      2. Baste steak with pan / Garlic butter every 5 minutes
      3. After timer sounds check doneness (I like my steak rare, and it it’s a nice cut from a good butcher like Doris it should be pretty tender. You are going to broil it for another 5 minutes so it will cook just a little more)
    7. Switch over to broil and hit it for 5 minutes
      1. Turn off Broiler / Oven
    8. Remove pan from oven and immediately remove steak from pan to rest
    9. Remove garlic
    10. Drop your asparagus into the pan. It should be so hot from the oven it won’t require the oven to be turned on. (The idea is to let it cook in the steak juices and garlic butter. I left mine in the oven for about 5 minutes . But I like by asparagus pretty andante)

Slice it and plate. The juices from the steak and the butter will be absolutely incredible. I  drizzle it over the steak and asparagus when done…..

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